Wednesday, December 1, 2010

5 Things...

1.) Plane Tickets- Oligopoly
       In my opinion, I think that plain tickets is an example of oligopoly. I say this, because a certain company has control to regulate the prices. And they are all competing for one thing, customers.

2.) Taco Bell- Monopolistic Competition
       I believe that Taco Bell is an example of monopolistic competition. I think this way, because Taco Bell could have a substitute. Many other industries or companies have the same service (fast food).

3.) Tooth Brush-Monopolistic Competition
      A tooth brush is a wonderful example of monopolistic competition. Because there are hundreds of different types of tooth brushes. But they are all competing.

4.) Gas- Oligopoly
      Gas is an oligopoly. I think this, because there are only a small group of sellers. There are not 100's of types of gas station, only a few. Examples being BP and Sunoco.

5.) Purse- Monopolistic Competition
       There are thousands of different types of purses. Each seller wants to sell the most, and they are different prices for every purse. Ranging from $10.00 to $1500.00.

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