Monday, January 24, 2011

Future Me.. scenarios

Scenario 1- Frictional unemployment; I graduated from college last year to become a health care administrator. I worked there for a hospital for about 4 years. Then I had a change of heart. I decided that I want to be an occupational therapist. So i resigned from my health care administrator job from the hospital, and going to school for PT. At this time I am temporarily unemployed.

Scenario 2- Cyclical unemployment; I work at a factory and I work for about six months, then the rise of barbie dolls drop and the factory does not have to make as many. So now I am currently unemployed to due the facts that the barbie doll industry is going down.

Scenario 3- Seasonal Unemployment; During the summer months I work on a farm, plowing fields, harvesting, etc. But when the winter months come, I am out of a job until the next summer. Because there is not a lot of work you can do on a farm in the winter.

Scenario 4- Structural Unemployment; I received a bachelors degree in music. I teach people how to play the harp. But unfortunately many schools do not offer the teaching of harps so finding a job is very difficult. At this time, I am temporarily unemployed.

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